Blobfish: World’s Ugliest Animal

by Sophia

The Blobfish is scientifically named as Psychrolutes phrictus. The Blobfish with a flat and flabby face is also known as fathead sculpin. The Blobfish lives far under the depth of 3300 feet on the coast of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. In 1983, Psychrolutes Phrictus species was first discovered on the coast of New Zealand, but it was given its scientific name after a whole decade. In 2013, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society officially called it the world’s ugliest fish, which was decided on by voters.

Why Is the Blobfish So Blobby?

A Biology professor named Fraser from the University of Florida says that “The Blobfish are normal looking underwater species.” They only become blobs when they transition from the depth to the surface. In his studies, he claims that they are not meant to look like this.

Why is the Blobfish so blobby?

The simple answer lies in this explanation that Blobfish have their natural habitat in the depths of water. These fish experience a water pressure of 120 times higher than actual pressure faced by humans on dry land. The Blobfish have a very small size of 12 inches. They don’t have many bones in their bodies. These bones are very thin and fragile. They cannot swim actively in the deep water due to this physique. Due to their body and bone structure, they cannot hold themselves on the water’s surface.

They have very soft, jelly-type skin. When you hold a Blobfish in your hand, you will observe the water splashing out of their bodies and gathering on their mouths. But, the high pressure underneath the ocean keeps the body’s physique in shape. But, air on the surface cannot help this body structure, and their body acts like a melting skin. If humans were supposed to live 1200 m down under the water, they would also look disgusting without any protective gear or living apparatus.

Blobfish Diet

The Blobfish can eat anything which comes along its swimming journey. The water in the depth helps the Blobfish swimfish. So, it has to spend a little energy to be afloat in the water. Their diet is small worms, crustaceans and snails swimming under the water.

Are Blobfish dangerous?

You will never encounter a Blobfish throughout your sea journey. Because, these are deep sea creatures where they have suitable living conditions like high pressure and food for them. But, If you are lucky enough, you can see the dead Blobfish in the nets caught by fishermen.

How do Blobfish swim?

The Blobfish do not have swim bladders. This is a body organ which fills oxygen in the sac helping the fish swim on the surface. As the Blobfish lives in the depth of water where they have to experience a high pressure. So, if their body fills with air, it would be busted immediately under the high pressure. The fatty and flabby body helps it to keep it afloat in the water, and it has to consume less energy to swim in the water.

Is a Blobfish poisonous?

No! Blobfish are sweet and can be eaten by humans. They have a very delicious taste, and their mesh is also syrupy. Blobfish taste very much like lobster tail soaked in butter. Mor. Stollznow was the first person who ate and tasted Blobfish. Blobfish are actively caught by fishermen through nets and brought to market for being served in restaurants.


The Blobfish is simply known as the world’s ugliest sea animal. It is not in its original form on the surface of water. The air melts the body’s flesh, and its head becomes flat and flabby, which is why it becomes the ugliest sea animal. You can explore more about fish and oceanic creatures.

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