Keeping Your Home & Pets Free of Fleas

by Sophia

Fleas are a menacing little parasite. They attach themselves to birds and mammals and ride their way into your home. Once there they fest of the blood of the occupants and reproduce at alarming rates. If left untreated, your flea problem could explode out of control.

Luckily, there are measures you can take to keep your home free of fleas in perpetuity. It’s a multi-faceted approach to killing existing fleas and preventing new ones.

Powders, Shampoos and Flea Collars

These three things can kill fleas on your pet and prevent new ones from taking hold. Special shampoos kill the flea and its eggs that are already on your dog or cat. Powders sprinkled on the skin of your animal will serve the same function. Finally, the flea collar kills fleas as they make the way up the animal’s body toward the mouth. Don’t worry, your animal will get used to wearing it. It will be a nuisance for a while but they eventually give in.

Pest Control Treatment

Having a pest control company in Melbourne Florida come by my house once per month keeps all of the pests at bay. I don’t see fleas, ticks, spiders, rats, roaches… anything. My home is pest free and it took about two treatments before I realized they were all gone.

My pest guy shows up, sprinkled some powder on the perimeter of my home, spray the corners up high in the house where the animals cannot reach, and even stays around for a few minutes while I chat him up. He is extremely friendly.

What Else You Can Do

Mae sure all doors and windows are screened in. An open window or door without a screen is basically a neon sign for flies and other insects. Regularly take out your trash and store it away from your home until the garbage collector shows up. Trash attracts animals, and animals carry parasites.

Make sure there are not little holes in your walls where they can come in. If you see one, just head to the hardware store and spackle it up.

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